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Psychiatric Services

Welcome to our Premier Psychiatric Care Membership Program

Explore the details of our services and pricing outlined below:

Initial Evaluation

Your journey with us begins with an in-depth initial assessment, a crucial step toward crafting your tailored membership care plan.

●    Fee: $875
●    After the appointment, information may be gathered from your therapist, previous prescribing physician, or a relative.
●    Duration: 90 to 120 minutes


Quarterly Membership

Following your initial evaluation, our services will be maintained through a quarterly membership. The membership includes:

●    Fee: $475 per quarter
●    Quarterly appointments ( may also be monthly during the first three months),
●    Continuous medication support through secure text communication.
●    Direct Access to the Care Team, Including Dr. Dara and her assistant, via a secure text portal
●    Documentation Support, Including brief letters for work or academic purposes.

Why Choose Our Membership?

Membership Advantages:

Flexible scheduling options for medication management appointments.

Ensure prompt access to our healthcare services between scheduled appointments.

Capable of obtaining concise letters for professional or academic needs as required.

Our program cultivates enduring therapeutic relationships by offering personalized care and maintaining open lines of communication.

Continuous support for managing medications between scheduled visits.

It evolves with your changing needs, providing tailored support and expert guidance throughout your mental health journey.

Become A Member

Are you prepared to give your mental health the attention it deserves through a proactive strategy? Join the Comprehensive Psychiatric Care Membership Program now and enjoy the advantages of devoted, expert care under the guidance of Dr. Dara and our specialized team.

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