Do You Accept Insurance?

Dr. Dara is not in-network for any insurance companies. Her focus is on her patients' wellness and prefers that an insurance company not mandate treatment. You may contact your insurance provider to to find out about using an "out of network" provider. The reason Dr. Dara does not take insurance is because she wants to decide how often and how long she spends with patients. Treatment should not be dictated by insurance company restrictions.

Am I eligible for out of network reimbursement?

If reimbursement will be sought, it is essential to contact your insurance provider before your initial appointment. If requested, Dr. Dara will provide patients with an invoice that contains documentation of patient's diagnoses and treatment provided for submission to the insurance company to obtain reimbursement for services rendered. She can not guarantee reimbursement, which is at the discretion of the carrier.

Cost of appointment?

Fees vary based on service provided and length of appointment. Fees are established and communicated before the initial appointment.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Dr. Dara understands that everyone has unexpected changes to their schedule. With advanced notice she will try her best to accommodate any schedule change you request. However, without 48 hours advanced notice, you will be charged for missed or canceled sessions.

Are there any services that you don't provide?

  • Permanent Disability Evaluation

  • FMLA form completion

  • Workmans' comp Evaluation

  • Legal/forensic evaluation

  • Emotional support animal letter