New Patients

When the appointment for an initial evaluation is made, Dr. Dara will send you an email invitation to start an account on her electronic medical record system, You will receive email notifications for upcoming scheduled appointments and other documents from Luminello.

Psychiatric Assessment

This consists of a 60-90 minute appointment where she will complete a psychiatric assessment and formulate an individualized treatment plan. Dr. Dara may need to meet for an additional session(s) to gather all pertinent information. The first meeting is a consultation to determine whether her approach is appropriate or if a different approach or provider is more suitable. If this is the case, she will do her best to provide you with referrals.

Psychiatric Medication Management

Dr. Dara has extensive expertise and uses evidence-based treatment in the medication management for a range of emotional difficulties.


Dr. Dara utilizes psychodynamic therapy as a foundation to explore how childhood patterns of behavior affect current day life. She regularly supports patients with relationship and family difficulties, career challenges, grief, divorce and life transitions.