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Dr Dara Adult ADHD

Why I Got Started

I Am An Educator

I educate healthcare professionals and the public via webinars, articles in esteemed publications such as Additude Magazine and Clinical Psychiatry News, and insightful guest appearances on mental health and wellness podcasts.

I Am A Patient

Like you, I was not diagnosed or treated for ADHD until I was an adult.

I Am A Psychiatrist

On a mission to transform lives impacted by adult ADHD.

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Dr Dara Adult ADHD

My Story

With over ten years of experience, I am dedicated to being a leading expert for adults with ADHD. I provide personalized, high-quality psychiatric assessments and treatment that have helped thousands of people live happier and more productive lives.

I understand the challenges that adults with ADHD face, and I am passionate about helping my patients achieve more balance and consistency in their lives. If you're ready to take control of your life, I'm here to help.

I offer combined medication management and therapy or simply medication management for patients who already have an established treatment with a therapist. I will work closely with your therapist and collaborate on your care.

After obtaining a complete psychiatric and medical history, I will explore the reasons that brought you into treatment, determine the most significant struggles affecting your functioning, and establish a collaborative treatment plan.

My goal is to help individuals with ADHD improve their performance at work and school, strengthen their relationships, and increase their confidence and overall well-being.

My preference for practicing psychiatry in a fee-for-service private practice stems from my passion for providing quality care to all my patients. I believe that the most valuable tool I can provide is the time and space to tell your story.

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