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Do You Have Adult ADHD? 

Have you ever wondered why it takes you longer to complete tasks than others, why you constantly misplace your phone and keys, or why you cannot wind down and relax when you have free time?

Do the days seem to pass by without any progress on important tasks, or do distracting thoughts keep intruding into every spare moment of downtime that plots against itself in an endless loop until it becomes too tiresome for sleep? These are a few symptoms associated with Adult Adult Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder symptoms.

These Adult ADHD symptoms are not always recognized and, unfortunately, mislabeled as carelessness and laziness or misdiagnosed as anxiety.

ADHD is a highly hereditary disorder that starts at birth and usually continues into adulthood.
It is often co-morbid with many other psychiatric illnesses, including Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, Eating Disorders, and Substance Use Disorders.

I am interested in providing clinical assessments and treatment for adults with suspected ADHD. I have seen many patients incorrectly diagnosed with 'just' anxiety or depression when they had co-morbid conditions such as an Eating Disorder or Substance Use Problem! If this sounds like you, then please contact me today so we can discuss your diagnosis.

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